The games for two players are very popular among players of all ages. And this entertainment is one of these successful projects that will be interesting for both young players and adults. The first aim of the Fireboy and Watergirl series is to test your logic and agility as these are crucial factors for the victory. And the other aim is pure fun. You will meet two cool characters that are going through endless adventures and cannot complete them successfully without close cooperation. Once you decide to give it a try, you will not be able to stop until you go through all the episodes together with the cute personages.

Meet Fireboy and Watergirl!

Who are your heroes? These are two little creatures that look like cartoon characters. One of them is Fireboy, a boy with flames instead of his hair. Fire is his special power, and he can cross it with no fears and harm. The other one is Watergirl that is designed as a tiny drop of water. This heroine is literally water resistant and can wade any water pool with ease. These two powers are needed to overcome multiple obstacles on each level, and the friends will have to use them to help each other. As you have already guessed, water is fatal for Fireboy and fire is kicking for Watergirl. However, each level is packed with both fore and water pools that both of them need to come over. The task of the players is to switch between them two timely to prevent the death of one of them. Fireboy will guide his friend through all fire flames. And the girl will help him safely pass all puddles. This seemingly easy task will require lots of logic and instant reaction. Are you ready to demonstrate your strongest skills?

Enjoy numerous adventures!

These lovely characters love to explore ancient places and temples. You will enjoy several cool adventures in mysterious temples. Each location is arranged in the form of a complicated labyrinth. They all are packed with trials and traps. You will have to solve a flow of puzzles where one player is helping the other. It is actually the key idea of the project to act as a team to achieve success. Only friendship can overcome all the hurdles in this entertainment. The mazes in the game are very colorful and full of fatal traps – lights cuts off, fire flames, water puddles and toxic pools. But there are also incentives you can collect on your way – colored diamonds. The boy can collect red ones, the girl can collect blue ones, and white stones are good for two of them. Join elemental characters for incredible fun!

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